Gregg & Jennifer Bartholomew We attended the Finishers Forum in Hudson, OH a little more than two years ago. We accepted positions with Wycliffe Associates a little over a year ago. We are hoping to finish up our partnership development soon and be heading to Nairobi, Kenya, before the end of the year. Jennifer will be working in the Bible translation office, and I’ll be a regional construction coordinator in about 40 different countries in Africa, overseeing Bible translation offices being built. In saying all of this, I wanted to thank [MissionNext] for making this possible. It’s been a long road, but well worth the travel. I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s not how you start the race…but how you finish.  Our goal is to finish strong. I hope this will encourage others to get involved.

Paul and Susan Olmstead In 2009, Paul and Susan Olmstead had no idea the journey that lay before them. They had always had a desire to be involved in full time ministry. Paul grew up in a Christian home where, from his earliest recollections, he attended church and Sunday school. Being involved in ministry was taught as important functions in his family life. Susan also grew up in a Christian home and during a summer VBS at their church, she dedicated her life to Jesus. She met Paul at Liberty University where she was enrolled in Missions and Cross Cultural Studies. Through the years they had many “midnight talks” about ministry, but it was in 2009 that a missionary friend planted a seed about working in missions. In fact, his statement was to the effect, “If you ever decide to leave your full-time position with Chase, there are a lot of roles in missions that could use your 25+ years of experience and talents.”