Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the committment?

The length of commitment is different in each case. Some positions are for short term (weeks to months) but others require a longer term to be effective (months to years). You need to discuss that with the mission organization that you chose to serve under.

How much will it cost?

Cost varies greatly from country to country and location to location. Some teaching positions will even reimburse you for your services, but most positions will require fundraising from your church and friends. The Mission Organization will assist you in the best ways of fundraising. In rare cases, if the need for your skill is urgent, they may even assist you with some funding. Each mission organization has their own policies so please confer with them.

Will I/We be eating strange foods?

The local food may be different than what you are used to but unless you have severe allergies, you should be able to find enough good foods that will suit your tastes. Our western diet has spread into many countries of the world.

Will I/We have to learn a new language?
  • The missions you apply with will take into account languages you may happen to have a proficiency in.
  • Every situation is different but if you are in that location for a period of time you will naturally start using some of their phrases. The mission leaders will often give you a list of key phrases to make it easier. In most cases you will find local people who speak some English, with their own accent of course.
  • Most of the world wants to learn English because it is the international language of trade and most of the worlds books are written in English so in many countries they will want to learn from you.
Will I/We be a part of a team?

Yes, you will be part of a team. As a new missionary it is necessary for you to work with others with experience in that country. A team could be understood as a group of people from Canada travelling together to serve alongside an overseas ministry, or it could mean that you, as an individual, will be joining with an existing team that is already doing ministry overseas.

Can my family come to visit?

If the determined term of service is a number of weeks then you may want to focus on the ministry at hand and forego any family visits. However, if you will be away for a number of months or years, then visitors are often welcome. This would need to be discussed with the mission you apply with

Are accomodations provided?

In most situations housing is arranged by the host ministry. This and many other questions will be answered by the mission organization that you choose to serve with.

What are the age restrictions?

As long as you are over 18, missions need people of all ages. Depending on your health, mission organizations normally work with you to see that you are matched with an assignment appropriate with your age and health. But be aware that each mission organization sets their own policy regarding age requirements.

Will there be an Internet connection?

Most ministries have access to the internet at varying degrees of strength and reliability. This is something that can be discussed with the mission organization that you choose to serve with.

Can we take our children with us?

In some situations that is not a problem but each country and situation varies. You need to discuss this with the mission you chose to work with.

Will there be medical coverage?

You need to discuss that with the mission which you apply to. Each case is different.