To apply for partnership, be sure to review the Partnership Benefits as well as the Partnership Commitment below, then fill out the application form (click below). To prevent delays in the processing of your application, please provide as much information as possible. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by email.

ExploreNext provides a web-based matching service to help connect organizations with candidates from all backgrounds and with all skill sets to fill a wide variety of positions in categories such as Communications, Healthcare, Evangelism, Business as Mission, Relief & Development, Education, and many more. To register at ExploreNext Canada, you must be a member organization of MissionNext Canada. Contact MissionNext Canada for details.

TeachNext provides a web-based matching service to assist Christian schools located outside the United States and Canada recruit the most qualified educators available to serve in their schools. Mission agencies can Register as an Agency with TeachNext at no cost and affiliate with TeachNext partner schools to help recruit qualified educators on behalf of those schools. In addition, mission agencies can register as a TeachNext school and post their non-traditional positions, such as tutors, teachers for one-room schoolhouses, itinerant teachers, educational consultants, and boarding home parents for a low subscription fee.


As a Partner of MissionNext Canada, we agree to:

  • Appoint someone within our organization who will be responsible for using the MissionNext website for recruiting purposes and for receiving MissionNext communications.
  • Keep our profile information and job postings current and updated and remove positions once they have been filled.
  • Take part in online training via GoToMeeting for an ExploreNext partnership.
  • Promote the MissionNext website whenever possible at churches, conferences, and college presentations.
  • Respect the privacy of every candidate by protecting his/her information.
  • Only post educational positions that are outside the United States or Canada on TeachNext; educational positions within the United States or Canada can be posted on ExploreNext.
  • Notify MissionNext of candidates joining our organization through the MissionNext website or events. The information will be submitted on June 1 and December 1 for the duration of our partnership.
  • Provide a link from our Agency’s or School’s website to unless security is an issue (if that is the case, we will notify MissionNext).
  • Provide testimonies of individuals who have been recruited through the MissionNext website or events.
  • Promote regional MissionNext Forums and Journey Deepens Retreats and participate as exhibitors when possible.
  • Word our postings carefully so as not to jeopardize the work going on in sensitive countries.
  • Keep a high level of trust between organizations by participating with the utmost integrity and mutual respect.
  • Not charge schools a fee when using TeachNext to recruit teachers for their school (TeachNext Agency Partners).
  • Only recruit teachers for schools that are members of TeachNext and/or for our non-traditional needs (TeachNext Agency Partners).
  • Recommend MissionNext to other organizations that we feel would benefit from partnership.
  • Pay the equivalent of all twelve (12) monthly payments if the monthly payment option is selected.
  • Insure that any individual or agency that affiliates with our organization for the purpose of working with the MissionNext site is aware of and abides by this Partnership Agreement.
  • Not use contacts from a MissionNext website, conference or event for purposes of fundraising.
MissionNext reserves the right to block access to organizations that fail to abide by the MissionNext Partnership Agreement.



“I can’t recommend MissionNext highly enough. It serves our needs to find new workers to go globally to reach the un-reached and tell the un-told.”

– David R., ReachGlobal